Friday, July 2, 2010

Who need a DJ when you've got AntiHero

So. say you're having a house party you are not a promoter or a DJ. What do you do? Well now  you have AntiHero to the rescue. AntiHero with provide you with mixes up to three hours or more if needed just so you don't have to resort to iTunes or sorting CDs. And he does this free of charge! I am going to quote his own add here...

"I have too much free time so I've decided to offer my help for no cost at all, I know there is gonna be some people out there who can't mix tracks but have some good mix ideas so basically if you ever need a mix whether it be for personal use of for a gathering/party of some kind then I'd be more than willing to record you a continuous, flawless set from as little as 2 tracks you think will mix well or a 3 hour mix to get you through your whole party without ever needing to change the music once..

I don't know if this will apply to anyone here but the offer is there if you ever need it. If your interested and want to sort something out then send me an email on and include Your name, How long you want the mix to last, When the finished set is needed by, Any specific tracks or producers you want- if not just let me know what your into and I'll come up with something.

All tracks mixed are 320kbps, as is the finished product so there is no need to worry about sound quality.

I'll send you a 5 minute preview of you mix 2 days prior to the finishing date to see if you want to make any changes and when everything is recorded and ready to go I will upload it privately to either my soundcloud or another reputable file sharing site i.e rapidshare for you to instantly download within minutes.

Cheers for reading this guys, I understand I have way too much free time on my hands.

I just want to put something fresh back into the scene.

Peace, AntiHero"

I also had a few words with AntiHero and he says, I am Dan Chrapkowski. I am 22 living in Manchester England. I am solely a DJ but I am currently working on some production which I am hoping to get out for some feedback around September. If anyone would like to contact me for anything either get in touch with me threw Soundcloud or e-mail me at



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