Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If you are going to do damage might as well do Permanent Damage.

Permanent Damage Records has a mission statement that is pretty cut and dry. So here it is...

Permanent Damage Records is a label on an intergalactic scale based in Bermuda, because that’s where the best rum is.

Generally the music we’re in to meets two requirements:

1. you can dance to it, and

2. it’s interesting.

(A third, unofficial, requirement that it makes really attractive people take their clothes off was scrapped due to a lengthy lawsuit).

We throw parties, release music, travel the world looking to have fun, and generally use the label to promote the philosophy of the great Carl Jung, which can be summarized by saying, “Shake it, don’t break it!”

We hope you like us.
-Permanent Damage Records.

I would also like to explain Permanent Damage Records to you. But I think this video I found on there site dose a much better job than I can.

Check them out.




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