Saturday, July 10, 2010

Staying on track with TRAINTRAXX

It is all ways nice to find good talent in your own back yard. Today lets take a moment to learn a little something about TRAINTRAXX.

What is your name?: 


Where are you from?:
I was born and raised in Miami Florida.

What do you do?: 

I am a Music Producer and Remixer

How long have you been doing what you do?:
7 years

What are you currently working on?:
I’m working on my first solo Electronic Music LP and producing records for major and up-and-coming artists.

Tell me a little more about yourself?:
Well as you know my name is TRAINTRAXX and I’ve been producing music since graduating from Full Sail, Orlando Florida in 2003. I started my career producing Hip Hop music and there after got involved in producing Electronic Music. In the Hip Hop industry I’ve produced records for major artist “Akinyele” and got a feature track featuring “Pleasure P” from former group Pretty Ricky. I’ve done studio work for producer “Salaam Remi” at Instrument Zoo Studios in 2009. I’ve been blessed to work with good people in the past but my passion has slowly moved onto producing Electronic Music, such as Dubstep and Dance records. Electronic music has been a rebirth for my music and me. It’s been great so far.

Are you looking to work with any independent artist(s) right now?: 
Yes, I’m looking to work with fresh new artists, singers, emcees and writers with an electronic state of mind right now.

Any particular artist(s) you would like to work with in the future?:
I really have no particular artist in mind. There are too many good artists out there from major to independent. My goal is work with anyone that likes my vibe. I’m always down for something new and refreshing. There is greatness in everyone and I just want to be a part of it.

What is next for you?:
The future looks good. I got a few things lined up. I’m getting involved in producing music for film and video with a major company that produces a lot of shows on television right now. I am very excited for that. Doing soundtracks has always been something I’ve wanted to get involved with.

You can reach TRAINTRAXX at the following internet locations.





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  1. I'm digg'in TRAINTRAXX MUZIC. Thanks for the read!