Saturday, June 26, 2010

The party wont stop when you use Robokop

Robokop is an amazing producer and he had such a nifty bio to so I just posted the whole thing. :)

"Robokop is a 24 year old Dubstep / Hiphop Producer from Hilversum in The Netherlands.

His Fascination for different styles of music started when he was 6 years old, listening to Rock n Roll , Reggea and old Hip-Hop songs. At the age of 12 he started Beatboxing under the name Yoshi J.and developed a extreme love for breaks and beats.Influenced by the east coast Hip-Hop scene.( Soul/ Jazz ) sampled beats.

In 2006 he started producing with a friend of his making Humoristic Hip-Hop songs and learned to create the beats he always wanted to make. Then with De Verse Irritatie, he created a base for himself.

In 2007 he started to work with his old punk band drummer, who also was producing at the time (Distrikt) and still is. At the time he was really into the Drum n Bass/Hip-Hop scene, and combined that interest in making loud heavy Hip-Hop beats.

Eventually in 2009 Robokop started a Hip-Hop/Dubstep movement with Distrikt, Breek and Olaf called CENTRUM.

Although he is still busy with the Centrum movement Robokop picked up the Dubstep genre and started to give his own unique twist to his songs. Trying to combine as many music styles, and make tunes as Epic as possible.

(I try to bring people into another world. Says Robokop)

In 2010 Robokop will release several tracks, and will continue making Big Tunes mainly to shake dancefloors around the Globe."





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