Friday, December 4, 2009

Take a track, Leave a track. :)

This is my version of "Take a Penny, Leave a Penny". Only with music. Soundcloud did a really interesting thing with there widgets, allowing people to make pools of tracks that are community funded. I put these groups together hopeful to find new music that could be categorized as multi Genre Bass Music. So far it has worked pretty well. Hopefully this will be a good resource/starting point for both DJ and Producer. Since they can both share and find tracks very easily. These are ever growing sources of tracks, most of them free! I would recommend checking on it frequently. Soundcloud has made some new rules in regards to downloads. Some tracks have limits to the amount of times they are downloaded. But I believe that they reset every month. If you have a track you would like to share please drop it in the appropriate drop box located above each player. If you are looking for new track check them out there are some good ones!

Multi Genre Bass Music

Every thing Bass!

<-- Add your track to Multi Genre Bass Music. Multi Genre Bass Music



Relentless bass! When proper sound is required...

<-- Add you track to Breathless. Breathless

Dirty Bass


Dark, Dirty, Grime y, or Aggressive bass music. That is what we are after. :)

<-- Add you track to Dirty Bass. Dirty Bass



Bass strait from the streets!

<-- Add you track to Grime. Grime



When it is just a little more than a beat.

<-- Add your track to Glitch. Glitch

Glitch Hop


You might not be ready for it yet... But your kids are going to love it!

<-- Add your track to Glitch Hop. Glitch Hop

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