Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Freshly imported bass by MaxG

Allow me to introduce you to someone from the other side of the seas. Buckinghamshire, Britain U.K. to be exact. Max Geldeard A.K.A. MaxG is a very talented up and coming producer in the dub-step scene. I use the term "up and coming" loosely because he as been in this game for 15 years now. He as only recently redirected his focus to dub-step. Witch from what I have heard so far, is a really good thing!

I started producing a few years ago with an old mate of mine (Dave T). Says MaxG. But have recently changed Software Sequencer and I’m currently going solo.At the moment I’m really just trying to find my own sound, something a bit original, and Dubstep seems to be really channeling my creativity well.

I started off DJ’ing about 15 years ago (Jungle and Drum & Bass) in my Bedroom and round at mates houses doing mixtapes, then at Free Parties (illegal raves) round my local area. I do still do a small amount of DJ’ing now and again, mainly Breakbeat though.

I’m using Ableton Live for software, and a bunch good VST synths that help me get the sound I’m getting at the moment.

I’m hoping to focus on getting a Live DJ set together of my Dubstep, and hope to play it out live when I get enough tunes together.

I’m always up for collaborating with other Producers and Artists – drop me a line via Soundcloud.

I’m also looking for a record label who likes my sound enough to want to publish some of my tunes :o)
-Max G.


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