Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to wear a toga while doing yoga... by Dunks

Lets take a listen to Dunks form Vancouver, Canada. Today Dunks will be sharing with us the chiller side of bass. Here is a enlightening concoction of bass music to do Yoga to!

Towards the end of my morning DJ set, says Dunks. At the Uprising Media Festival, the dance-floor turned into a yoga-floor. DJing to yoga is an idea that has interested me for quite some time now and I am hoping to develop some projects with this. Here is a 45 min freestyle mix I recorded this afternoon with a stretched out vibe.

Dunks also has may more mixes and remix you can here:


How to wear a toga while doing yoga... by Dunks


Rise - Walter Hallert
Phat Thai - Malente
Sobre La Amistad - Mono:Poly
As I Walk The Earth, My True Love Waits For Me - Regal
45.000$ (Guapapasea) [Watch TV Remix] - Gecko Turner
duru people - Basement Freaks
Searchin For Peace (DJ Pazs Zardoz Mix)-DJ Regal
Fidelity - Regina Spector
Fidelity (Morgan Page Unreleased Remix) - Regina Spektor
Dubuasca - Bassnectar/Michael Kang
Geh-Fahr - Mono:Poly
Free Mind -Afronaut
String Vibe- Plastyc Budda (Nickodemus & Osiris NY Hipharmonic Mix)
Mad Stream (Rephrase remix) - Kidzen
license to dream- Basement Freaks
aint_no_shame - The Disco Builders
Arctic Tree's - Sard Boogie
Jugoe - 90 West -Jugoe
Concentrate - Aim
The Hustle - Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire
Guruji - Silenta
Poye (Tal M. Klein Remix Radio Edit) - Issa Bagayogo
Out Of Luck - Mawglee
All Over Now - Big M Bootie

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