Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Getting to Know Notixx

We our Ryan Sinatra & Zack Fowler aka Doodle, and together, we make up Notixx.

Ryan: I was born and raised in Jamestown, N.Y. Most people don't know where that is. The best description I can offer is that it's near Buffalo, N.Y. But in reality, it's really about an hour and a half from there.
Doodle: Salamanca, N.Y./Jamestown, N.Y.

Ryan: I always wanted to do something with music. I've taught myself so many instruments like the piano and the guitar. These were instruments that I knew would boost my intelligence about how music actually worked and was composed, rather than just learning to read notes off of a page. I looked forever for my niche. I was in bands in high school and it never made me feel completely satisfied. I always had to trust other people to hold up their end. Finally, I took what I knew and began to apply it to Electronic music production after becoming infatuated with the entirety of the genre. For me, this was it. It was everything I was looking for. This realization occurred only a short six months ago.
Doodle: I've been doing music since high school but stopped to concentrate on video production. I met up with Ryan in college. One day we got together and he mentioned DJing a party and we became a duo.


We are working on, well, expanding our fanbase while growing as a group by putting out songs constantly. Merchandise is another big project that we've been undertaking. We want the fans to be able to support us.

Another song, another EP, another remix, another fan. We are just trying to do anything we can to just blow places up with music, give shows that both involve the crowd and blow them away, and just have a great time doing it. We want to have fun, make music, and we want each and every one of you to be a part of it. 

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  1. Notixx have been blackballed by record companies for uploading content as Skrillex to benefit from Youtube channel views. They were removed from Houze Records for being arrogant and requesting information that the label was unable to provide--and they were solely basing their success on how many Beat Port sales they had. They SPAM their facebook followers because they're only interested in a fan base as this interview clearly states.

    OBVIOUSLY they don't know how to play instruments or read/write/comprehend sheet music. Just listen to their songs. You will find endless disjointed chord structures with no harmonious clarity, blatantly amateur rhythms and melodies. And not to mention that the entirety of their discography is compositionally retarded.