Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MACRODOT says, "This is the Bestest Ever E.P.!!!"

"This is the Bestest Ever E.P.!!!" and it is free!!! So many good things... :)

Curious about MACRODOT? Read on to discover more on this artist!

Aliases: MACRODOT, Kyle From Ohio, Aliens Killed the Dinosaur

Real Name: Kyle Macrodot

Resides In: Phoenix, AZ
Grew up in: Akron/Cleveland/Columbus, OH 

Writing Music Since: 5th grade

Writing Electronic Music Since: 2000

LIVE PA Style:
Dirty Progressive Glitchy Beats

Producer/Remix Styles:
Ambient, Breakbeats, Glitch, Progressive, Downtempo, Deepstep, Psystep, Chillstep

Hybrid, Kilowatts, Amon Tobin, Trifonic, PhuturePrimitive, Stefan Anion, Burufunk, Trentemoller, Plump DJ's, Boom Jinx, Carbon Community, Elite force, Dylan Rhymes, Juno Reactor, Infected Mushroom, Adam Freeland, Rob Dougan, God Lives Under Water, Prodigy, Orbital, Gravity Kills, Stabbing Westward, Depeche Mode, Deftones, Portishead, Bjork, Radiohead, Crystal Method, BT, Nine Inch Nails, Way Out West, General MIDI, Meat Katie, Max Graham, Nick Sentience, Weirdo, Koma&Bones, Layo & Bushwacka

MACRODOT writes Dirty, Progressive, Glitch music. He is an American Electronic musician and producer (AKA Kyle From Ohio). He currently resides in Mesa, Arizona producing electronic music from his home studio. His production style is mostly Deep and Progressive with broken beats, glitchy overtones, and gritty basslines. Occasionally, he veres off on tangents, composing intricate melodies on guitar or piano but always maintains the broken beat undertones. If you are lucky, you might catch him running around at concerts, glitching out audio on a laptop, or taking pictures and posting them on tumblr.

In 2004, MACRODOT moved from Ohio to the Phoenix area. In 2005, he was nominated for "Best Local Live Performance" by AZ DanceMusic Awards. His music has been played out by DJs in numerous states and a number of countries. The respect he earns for his productions is increasing. In 2008, he released the tunes he had been playing live in a 10 track LP "The Gilded Age of Aristocrats". Since then, he has released a 13 song album entitled, "The Stand Alone Complex" as well as an 8 track EP of glitchy Deepstep entitled, "This is the Bestest Ever EP!!!".

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