Thursday, December 22, 2011


Joel Hunt aka Rogue

Walsall, near Birmingham, UK

I've been producing for a few years now, not really knowing it myself. I was just messing around on FL Studio and creating all different styles of music. I started making Dubstep specifically in summer 2010. But, since then, I have produced lots of other types of music. At the end of September 2011, after talking with a DJ known as NAZA from Middlesbrough and finding that he liked my music, he told me to get an artist name. Previously,  I'd been making music as 'Joel Hunt Music'. So, I thought of the name 'Rogue' and got involved with Future Follower Records, a label which NAZA had just started up. Then I made my accounts on YouTube and other social networks.

Right now I'm working on a number of tracks, as always, one of them being a take on Coldplay's 'Clocks'. Another track is a House-type track with a Rogue twist called 'Tigers'. I am also working on a 100bpm remix of 'The Tribe' by Driftkong, another Future Follower Records artist.

Well, I'm going to continue making music and video blogs. Hopefully it will keep getting the same attention that my current stuff is getting. I'll also be trying out some other genre's like DnB/Drumstep and maybe Moombahton, and mostly just trying to get better at what I do, as I realize I have a lot of headroom. I just want to keep having fun with my music and not take it too seriously, continuing to experiment with new things and find my own sound.

Following Rogue's progress is easy. Just click on any link below. I suggest you click on them from time to time since he is always adding new content!

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