Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bass music from down under with ShifteQ

Ever wonder what Bass music is like down under? Lets ask ShitfeQ.

What is your name:
Shane Tonkes

Where are you from:
I'm from Adelaide, South Australia. But I now live up in North Queensland, Australia.

How long have you been doing what you do:
I have been playing with sound for years, since my parents bought their first crappy little PC and I discovered a program called sound recorder. (ibm 386... woah)
But more recently I stepped out of the box and began a serious mission to make sound more interesting. 2009 was the year "ShifteQ" was born. After DJing small scale and getting quite bored, I began writing music, and the rest, as they say, is history!

What are you currently working on:
Currently gearing up for the Winter Solstice Gathering, in Cairns, QLD, Australia.(www.wintersolstice.com.au)
Also looking for some new remix ideas, putting together some stuff for a local new label NoQualms Records (http://soundcloud.com/noqualms-records) website coming in days!!! and a possible release on Little Rascal Records (http://lrrecords.com.au) soon.

Whats next:
Hrmm, good question. Build an epic bass robot machine that can make beats and take over all dance floors?
Seriously, to bring bass music to the Australian audience, share the talent we have here all over the world, and open the minds of any unsuspecting social victims...
AND... to use music to spread good vibes and happy thoughts all over the auditory universe, whilst bending bass frequencies to all new levels...





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  1. Looking forward to some phattness from ShifteQ on LRRecords in the not too distant future!!

    much respect and dub tya..