Saturday, November 28, 2009

Time to get a life vs music to have weddings to by kminus1

Here is an up-beat munti genre mix by Kminus1. Take a minute to check out Kminus1 he was kind enough to share a mix with us and a little bit of info about himself. He recently did a remix of a track that was a counterfeit of a Prodigy track "". You can check it out on Kminus1's Soundcloud account "Collapse - Junkie XL (kminus1 remix)". Kminus1 had a few things to say about himself so...

My general influences include electronica from all eras. Says Kminus1. Genres including drum & bass, break beat, big beat, dub-step, glitch, and acid house. I also enjoy elements of metal music, guitar distortion, feedback and wild drum sections! The Bristol music scene is another of my influences. Artists such as Roni Size and Massive Attack. Other musical influences include Peaches, The Hacker, Nine Inch Nails, Lemon Jelly, Daft Punk, Adam Freeland, Skull Disco, Amon Tobin, Ltj Bukem, and Photek amongst others.

More artists who've been hugely influential to me include, Tangerine Dream (Rubycon LP), Squarepusher, Fat Boy Slim, Vivaldi, Amon Tobin, Eat Static, Futures Untold, Rage Against The Machine, Nick Drake, Adam Freeland, Koma & Bones, Evil 9, Skull Disco, and The Hacker

Some non musical influences are free parties, gyrating women, and falling on the floor in a strip club. I suppose you could say, there isn't much that doesn't go into it!

I respect all the free thinking musicians out there. Those who stick to their values within music.


Time To Get A Life vs Music To Have Weddings To (kminus1) by kminus1

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