Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taking a moment for BRAINPAIN

Allow me to introduce you to BRAINPAIN. A 28 year old producer from Poland. BRAINPAIN has a sound with so much aggressive bass, that if given a proper sound system could possibly give you brain pain. Here are a few things you may or may not know about BRAINPAIN. Directly from the source.

I have been making music since 1995 says BRAINPAIN. I was fifteen years old when I started. I didn't even have a half way decent computer. I used a broken Amiga, headphones form a walkman, a Casio keyboard (The kind for children), and a cassette player. This was my first recording studio. Now I am working mainly with Reason, FL studio, Cubase, Ableton live, and Audition. I produce dubstep, dark heavy drum n bass, breakcore, experimental-electronica, drill and bass, down tempo, etc... Many genres with broken beats or broken bass.

So far I have released mostly drum n bass on various lables. But you can prepare to see dub step releases soon. I am the director of Dubsaw Recordings (sub-label of Mindsaw Recordings). We have many new tracks that will be hitting the clubs soon. You can expect to see releases form Culprate, Barbarix, Suspect & Switchdubs, Rakoon, Koan, Wachs Lyrical, Veelk (A.K.A. I:GOR), and many more.

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