Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Resonating in to everything with Omega

Chris Cox. "A.K.A. Omega" is an extremely talented 27-year-old producer form Denver, Colorado. So far, I have liked every track this guy has made! Omega really keeps it interesting. Plus I like the way he looks at things...

But without further a due I will let him say a little something about himself.

I live in Denver, Colorado says Omega. I am inspired by music in general, it would take a year to make a complete list, so I'll just list a few of the big ones that come to mind: Shpongle, Steely Dan, Rachmaninoff, Deftones, Chromatone, Venetian Snares, Ani Difranco, Tipper, Bil Bless, and Iron Maiden. Sorta all over the place, I've always been a music junkie, and always just listened to whatever struck me as good. There are some friends of mine that have definitely helped along the way with my development as a producer: Sugarpill, Dr. Vim, Future Simple Project.

My biggest influences within the dubstep scene at the moment. 16-Bit, Nero, Vaski, Excision, Mimosa, Downlink, Bird of Prey, Nucleya, NumberNin6, Propa Tingz, and Reso... I like stuff that is dirty and aggressive, but I also like pretty, elegant stuff too. And whatever style, it's gotta be fun. Nothing ruins a scene more than when people get all caught up in their own egos, and forget about having a sense of humor and keeping shit fun.

I'm part of an artist collective, Family Moons, and we just launched a new website on which we will be doing regular live streaming broadcasts of sets by Family artists and special guests:

also, sound-systems without sub-woofers should be outlawed.




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