Monday, September 17, 2012

Protect Yourself From the Cold With the Warm Bass of Chilli B.

Here is a talented Bass music producer that I just happened to come across lately. He goes by the name of Chilly B. and he was kind enough to share some information with us about who his is, where he is from, and what he does. Did I mention he makes catchy tunes and gives most of them away for free?! Chilly B. is an all around good guy.

My name, well, its Chilly B. I am originally from a small town in Alberta, Canada called Medicine Hat. However, I now set up shop in Vancouver. I've been djing for, shoot, I guess eight or nine years now. But, I have only been producing music for the last four, after graduating from audio engineering!

I gather my inspiration from my friends, who I consider my family, and our adventures! It's hard to choose any specific artist who inspires me most but I have an incredible respect for DJ Aplication (IGU) who if I never met, I would maybe never would have chosen this path. Glitchy & Scratchy AKA Bevvy Swift & El Mongoose (IGU) who adopted me into the Integrated Grime Unit (my Fam & inspiration). Nog & Myles Away (IGU), for being my classmates, friends, peers and my push to keep producing new sounds. Fluxo (IGU), for all the love. Dewey Decibel (IGU) for technical assistance and introducing me to new sounds on a regular.

Currently, I'm working on perfecting a pan stereo slammer (I just made up the name) called "I'm Back" which, at the moment, sounds pretty least in my headphones!

What's next? I couldn't say at the moment. I'm sort of stuck in the here and now after returning from Central America. But, I see more travel, more beats and many more great times and music to be shared. Below is some music I would like to share with you. If any are at the max download, please message me and hopefully I can send it to you asap. Have fun and keep on keepin' on!

To hear more from Chilly B., click on his Soundcloud link below!

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