Sunday, April 18, 2010 is keeping it hi-fi, so that you can hear every last Glitch! (Integrated Grime Unit, Skanky Panky Records, Theoretic Records, Foosh, Treehouse Records)

Edmonton, AB

A DJ of 10+ yrs and producing for 8 of those, music is a natural aspect for A drummer since the age of 5 and picking up guitar, keyboard, saxaphone, and anything that makes a tone, he found that producing was a natural graduation. Fusing elements of classical to metal music, hip hop, and mashing the genres together, he found his niche in the glitch hop and dubstep world. Consistency, Integrity, and passion for what he does is what makes his music stand out from the rest. Tired of hearing the same old patterns and layouts of other tracks made him realize he wanted to change that. And his tracks do morph and keep u emmersed in a world of particular and well thought out sounds, with special attention to the staging and overall quality. His constant thirst for better production and sound are quickly making him a force to reckon with. Along side the crew he co-founded with Glitchy and Scratchy and Application, the Integrated Grime Unit of Vancouver is now the premier crew for all things glitch and dubstep. He is also responsible for the immerging scene in Edmonton, Alberta, mentoring the likes of up and coming artists, the Knight Riderz, and Prime of The Dub Affiliates. 2010 is proving to be a rocket start for him label wise with a release on Skanky Panky Records, theoretic records, and an upcoming EP, singles on various other labels forthcoming. Much more to come out of the studio of!




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  1. Well written intro to this heavyweight's tunes!! One of western Canada's best!