Friday, April 22, 2011

Yes, YeshYo

This, is in my opinion, is a very talented up-and-comer. YeshYo definitely has the Pop-Step down, as well as Electro, Drum and Bass and a slew of other bass-heavy genres. He was nice enough to write a few words about himself too. This kid is going places! ;)

My name is Matteo Di Berardino, aka YeshYo. I live in Italy, more precisely in Milan. My first approach to music was through a DJ console that my father bought me about three years ago . After that, exactly on Christmas 2009, I decided to start producing my own music. Currently, I have just finished my first, hopefully not last, official remix. Now I'm starting to work on my first EP which will be a mix of Dubstep, Electro and DnB. Despite not having any labels, I am still very motivated. We'll see how it goes!

You can link up with YeshYo at the following the links below.

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