Thursday, November 4, 2010

Have No Fear! Wondawulf is Here!

Have no fear, Drumstepaz! Wondawulf is here and his work is too damn hot! Here are a few words from The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The DJ!

I'm DJing and creating music under the name Wondawulf. I was born in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. This city is the center of music in Hungary. All of the big names and events are here. So, if you want to deal with music seriously, you have to be here.

I got in touch with electronic music eight years ago, when I was 14. Since that time, I've been collecting music madly. At the beginning, I was interested in Drum & Bass, but as I got deeper into music, I started to search for new genres. Now I'm interested in new, fresh, creative and innovative music. I don't really care about the genres. I try to be as fresh as possible. All of the genres are communicating with each other. If you are interested in just one or two genres, you will never understand exactly what you are doing or who you are. I'm playing Dubstep, Drumstep, Minimal, House, Breaks, Hiphop, Jazz, Experimental and Classical music. The point is actuality.

I fell in love with Drumstep a few months ago. Now I'm producing mainly remixes, edits and bootlegs. Drumstep is quite a new form of music. You can create Hip-Hop, Dubstep and Drum & Bass all in one track. That's really exciting! I also compose music based on Classical and Electronic music for contemporary dance performances. That's a really different thing. The new piece I'm working on will be presented at the end of November. The title of the play is 'Simultaneous Windows' by TranzDanz (

I also have a monthly club night called Future Music with DJ Palotai ( and Dublic (, where we try to present the freshest music. It's based on our radio show, with the same name, on Radio Tilos Budapest ( There is always a lot of work to do for those nights. We just had Slum Dogz from the U.K. as guests. Next year, we will have even more Dubstep and House DJs/producers from Europe as our guests. Also, I will do some more tunes and remixes this year and have a lots of gigs. Bar 9, Bare Noize, Hostage, Calvertron, Cosmin Trg, Funtcase are a few artists I will be playing with.

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