Friday, October 22, 2010

One Step Closer to Knowing Tek Step

You've heard their music but who IS Tek Step? Read below to see what these two music producers from Israel had to say about themselves and their music.

We are Tomer Tekno (Pro Revolution) and Omer Messler and we started Tek Step in late 2008. We're both dance music producers and we try to bring a lot of different influences, and even different styles, to our dubstep.

We're always working on new tracks and trying to make our sound grow and not do the same thing over and over. Sometimes, it seems that many artists keep using the same presets to repeat the sound that worked for them and it's hard to find  a variety, in dance music, in terms of sound and style. We want to do everything and keep things interesting.

We're also hoping to get to the U.S. soon. We're getting the most love from the States and we really want to come play our music and rock the house. But, until then, you're more then welcome to check out Tek Step online by following the links below!

Soundcloud        Myspace        Facebook          Twitter          Booking          AIM: iTEK9000

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