Thursday, September 2, 2010

Take a whiff of NOG Chompa and smell the Bass

And now some Glitch and Bass from NOG Chompa a member of  the "Intergrated Grime Unit" and a very good producer. And here are a few facts about him. :)

Whats your name?
NOG Chompa

Where are you from?
Vancouver BC

How do you do what you do?
I combine my love for bassmusic with my love of hip hop, blues and funk to make my tunes.
Ive spent years exploring audio, recording and twisting.. I love music. Simple.

What are you working on now?
A couple of new originals and remixes. Plus some dubstep freshies with favoured producer Myles Away.

What is next?
A Live PA combo with favoured guitar player Robin Mercy. Combining beats and basslines with fresh organic sounds..

-NOG Chompa.

This is definitely someone I would keep a eye on! Check out his work.


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