Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scuzzy = Glitchy + Whompy x Dub-Hop for the Soul

Scuzzy (Rafi Benjamin) has been writing songs, producing, and performing for about as long as he can remember. While living in Boston in the late 90's, Scuzzy was a member of Toneburst, a collective of electronic musicians and experimental artists that included DJ C and DJ /rupture. When Scuzzy returned to his hometown of L.A., he formed a live group called Fosforo, that melded his love of good songwriting and lyricism with his electronic music obsessions. More recently, Scuzzy has returned to making solo electronic productions, under his original moniker of Scuzzy, making as he puts it, "Glitchy, Whompy, Dub-hop for the soul."

Scuzzy's take on electronica is not limited to a particular genre, as he explores the meeting points of hip hop, Downtempo, Dubstep, Breaks, and Jungle. Scuzzy's live performances are an important part of his expression, he insists on remixing, glitching, and dubbing tracks out live, even incorporating live vocals and instrumentation when possible.

As far as I'm concerned, it's all psychedelic rave music. Says Scuzzy, I'm interested in anything that moves the body and stretches the mind, as well as the Downtempo stuff that you'd want to chill to at the end of the night. I came out of the live music tradition. Says Scuzzy, my dad would take me to Grateful Dead shows as a kid... so for me it's important for the live experience to be truly live, to have elements of surprise and discovery. A lot of producers want to mix finished tracks, because they want stuff to hit hard over loud sound-systems. I understand why they do it, but like De La Soul put it: "Fuck being hard, Posdnous is complicated!"

Scuzzy continues to produce new tracks and mixes, and has a few collaborations in the works, including ones with Bassobese, Splice, Angel Garcia (formerly of Mezklah), and Knowa Knowone. He is also closely aligned with the Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. Working with them to bring the crazy and the consciousness to down-ass people around the world.

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