Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get ready for the Vengeance of the Undead

The best way I can explain this would be Dubstep for zombies. Lucas Silerstein and David Wadsworth are two talented producers from New York & Florida, USA. And Bass Music is what they do.

We are two counterparts said Vengeance of the Undead, who love nothing more than making music. Offering a unique and original sound, with every song, to the Dubstep scene. We gather our influences from all sorts of things, but really enjoy the darker and horror elements. Thus we tend to stick to a Dark and Hard sound. Bringing stories through sound, Giving the listeners a unique ride through our songs. We put this little army together for the simple love of Horror and Bass and passion for the Drum and Bass and Dubstep. Both of us do not believe in the gimmick of using the same sound more than once in our tunes unless it calls for it. So there is a variety from each of our songs.
-Vengeance of the Undead.





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