Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Getting ready for paistyboy

Get ready for Ben Swanwick A.K.A. "paistyboy". I have a feeling paistyboy will be crushing it in the Bass scene one day! keep your eyes open for this kid. From what I have seen so far. I have a feeling there will be only good things to come.

Now a few words from paistyboy. Hi I'm a 16 year old producer living in Hertfordshire, Britain. Says paistyboy. I've always been into music since I was very young and have always been interested in the music making process. I am a classically bassoon player and have been forced to take part in music for the whole of my life.
I started producing music around 2007/2008 and have advanced a-lot since then due to many an hour spent laboring in front of a computer screen.




Latest tracks by paistyboy

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