Saturday, October 24, 2009

Multi Genre Ragga Bass-Core by Dr.Colossus

Dr. Colossus. This is someone that I just recently met. He is multi-genre bass dj/producer with a fetish for the Ragga sound! Dr. Colossus started growing his Glitched-Out Bass-Driven Ragga Beast by planting his seed deep in Punk around 2000 and feeding it a steady diet of UK Hip-Hop, Drum and Bass, Nu-School Jungle and Break-Core. I even heard, that for a nominal fee, you can get him to bring the Beast to your home town and show your friends! ;-)

Dr. Colossus was kind enough to share a mix with us, er....half of a mix with us. I guess that the other half is for him to dispose of as he sees fit. He even wrote something about himself which is great because now I don't have to. =)

My name is Dr. Colossus and I'm a Jungle / Hip Hop / Punk / Yardcore / Multi-GenreBass Music dj/producer from London. I started out, a few years back, doing ragga-jungle. But, these days, I play mash-ups and make mash-ups of everything.

This mix, found below, is a recording from the first part of a show I played at a rave called Fuxmas that was set up by NFA at the end of 2007. The rave is called Fuxmas because its always takes place around Christmas. This is one of my favorite parties because it has this really nice family vibe with free food, quizzes and stuff. I cut off the second half because it has some exclusive stuff that I didn't want to put out on the internet. You're going to have to catch me live to catch that stuff.

It was very surreal playing this rave. I was all prepared to travel for miles to get to the rave and then I looked up the location on Google Maps and it turned out it was literally across the road from my house. Because it was around Christmas, I had family staying over at my house which made it a very surreal night. My night went from playing a gig at a squat party, to being a bit wrecked and crossing the road for some dinner with my grandma (she's a cool grandma) , to finally going back to the rave. Although its got some rough edges, and is a bit short, this is probably my favorite mix that I have done.
-Dr. Colossus

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  1. Across the road from your house? Have you moved? L:ast time I passed by the was nothing across the road but another house with 'silent' written all over it.

    Hows the tunes? I've got a garage type thing @

  2. Is that Titus?

    Okay not across the road but the block behind.

    Poetic license.

    I think you know where I mean but I'm not going to say it on the internet.

    I'll peep the tunes